zwjpw-china army surplus specializing in thirty years, mainly engaged in the domestic and foreign military collection of the cultural revolution since the period of World War II.the main products are: The military supplies and clothing since World War II,and military equipment,film and television props,outdoor pruducts,and other related accessories are more than 3000 varieties.and we have providing the military exhibits and collections for over more than 300 museums and the memorial hall at home and abroad.and we also have providing costumes and props for more than 500 military movies and TV drama at domestic and foreign.
  As Well as,the international foreign leisure clothing, such as; military hat and badge,camouflage clothing,original military leather coat and helmet,boots and other military goods and equipment.And a variety of military kettle,camping lantern and tents,compass etc.carrying equipment.the telescope,backpack,camouflage nets and other outdoor protection communication products.
  Here,you can find what you need: the best quality products,the most complete range of series,and complete set of equipment.We can provide you with all the military series of retail and wholesale,as long as you want,please click on our official website shop products ,http://www.zwjpw-china.com/,or click on international shopping platform ,Ebay(http://www.ebay.com.hk/usr/zwjpw-china), AliEXpress (https://www.aliexpress.com/store/2059050) shop products on it,you can get 20% discount.

Company address:Da zhi gu No.6 road,Hedong District,Tianjin City(Wanda Shop No. 77) of China
Zip 300170


phone:+86 15810296201
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